Training Evaluation & Feedback Form

This form has been developed by RNA Safety International to help capture the opinions of trainees/ Companies who’s attending our training courses. Please use this form to tell us how you rate a course that you have attended by answering the questions below. Where possible please use the blank space to give further detail to your answers or email us at

(eg : Michael Kronberger)
(eg :
Do you feel that your personal learning objectives were met? YesNo
Did the training reached up to your expectation and equipped you with enhanced knowledge, understanding and/or skills? YesNo
Do you believe that the new learning and knowledge you have will be used and improve your performance at work? YesNo
Were all the course observation covered during the complete session? YesNo
Were the training aids and study materials used during the training appropriate? YesNo
Were you been asked by the trainer about your understanding the subject at regular intervals? YesNo
Were the practical exercises covered as mentioned in the course objectives? YesNo
Do you feel the class was appropriately arranged and suitable for all the delegates? YesNo
Do you feel the length/ duration of course is fair and satisfactory? YesNo
Do you feel the Administration & Registration processes were simple? YesNo
What did you like the most about this training session?
What did you like the least about this event?
Is there anything else you would like this training to cover?
What will you do differently in your practice/service setting after having this training done?
Please feel free to add your comments here and if you are interested in doing any other training, then please let us know here:


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