First Aid Trainings

What is First Aid Training, who & why we need it?

People at work can suffer injuries or be taken ill. It doesn’t matter whether the injury or illness is caused by the work they do or not, it is important to give them immediate attention and call an ambulance in serious cases. First aid at work covers the arrangements you should make to ensure this happens. It can save lives and prevent minor injuries becoming major ones.

The Law require you to provide adequate and appropriate first-aid equipment, facilities and people so your employees can be given immediate help if they are injured or taken ill at work.

What is ‘adequate and appropriate’ will depend on the circumstances in your workplace and you should assess what your first-aid needs are. Some small workplaces may only need the minimum provision. But, there are factors that might mean you need greater provision.

A first-aider is someone who has undertaken training and has a qualification that either local or international regulatory authority approves. This means that they must hold a valid certificate of competence.

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If you have several people from your organization requiring training, consider an on-site course arrangements or ask our training coordinator about the group bookings.

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