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What is Radiation and Radiation Safety?

Every day in the world, all manner of radiation types are used in a diverse range of industrial, medical, research and communications applications and, although these have brought increasing prosperity to people, some applications cause harmful exposure risks that must be effectively controlled.

There are number of public bodies worldwide which regulate work that causes or could cause radiation exposure of workers, the public or both. Their inspectors advise, inspect, investigate and enforce in a flexible and proportionate way so that radiation exposure of employees and others, arising from work activities, is adequately controlled.

Ionising radiations occurs as either electromagnetic rays (such as X-rays and gamma rays) or particles (such as alpha and beta particles). It occurs naturally (e.g. from the radioactive decay of natural radioactive substances such as radon gas and its decay products) but can also be produced artificially. People can be exposed externally, to radiation from a radioactive material or a generator such as an X-ray set, or internally, by inhaling or ingesting radioactive substances. Wounds that become contaminated by radioactive material can also cause radioactive exposure.

Everyone receives some exposure to natural background radiation and much of the population also has the occasional medical or dental X-ray. The regulatory authorities are concerned with the control of exposure to radiation arising from the use of radioactive materials and radiation generators in work activities in the nuclear industry; medical and dental practice; manufacturing; construction; engineering; paper; offshore drilling; education (colleges, schools) and non-destructive testing.

Non-ionising radiation (NIR) is the term used to describe the part of the electromagnetic spectrum covering two main regions, namely optical radiation (ultraviolet (UV), visible and infrared) and electromagnetic fields (EMFs) (power frequencies, microwaves and radio frequencies).

Our Radiation Safety/ Protection training courses meet the international requirement which requires that employers provide sufficient information, instruction and training to all those who might be affected by ionising radiation.

We regularly have delegates attend from the security industry, process control, quality assurance, research & teaching, NDT, oil & gas and medical sector. In all cases we ensure they:

-       Understand the risks caused by exposure to ionising radiation

-       Understand the precautions that should be taken

-       Understand the importance of complying with the technical and administrative arrangements of the regulations (and other radiation protection legislation)

-       Know what to do in an incident situation

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